Ellendale’s is a family owned and operated restaurant serving Contemporary American Cuisine. Our menu offers creative, hand crafted dishes featuring fresh produce harvested from our own garden, presented with Southern Charm in our own Historic Farmhouse.

Our Name

Ellen Dale Ives (1832 – 1895) I grew up reading a book memorializing my great grandmother, Ellen Dale Ives.Born in Vermont, she married Douglas Ives and soon moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Mr. Ives worked his way up through the railroad and became president of the B, CR & N Railway. My great, great grandfather named his private rail car “The Ellendale”, after his beloved wife. Ellen Dale Ives devoted her life to blessing the poor, the sick, the depressed and lonely. Her acts of kindness were so well known in Cedar Rapids that it was said “… the entire city bowed down with grief upon the news of her passing. Thousands felt they lost a personal friend.” I named our restaurant Ellendale’s to commemorate this rare woman whose life of caring for all human-kind is an inspiration and shall not be forgotten.

Julie Buhler

Creator and Executive Chef of Ellendale’s since 1999.  Her culinary career began in Milwaukee Wisconsin when she started her own catering business while attending college.
Personal chef to Dolly Parton in 1998, Julie cooked for many Nashville country music stars including Reba McEntire, Vince Gill and Garth Brooks. Her passion is creating original entrees and cocktails from Ellendale’s large organic garden and making sure her guests feel welcome as if in her own home. Julie has made numerous television appearances, cooking with Charlie Chase and Kelly on Fox 17, Channel 4 and 5, was featured on Tennessee Cross Roads, and most recently, Volunteer Gardener, on NPT.
Julie’s Ellendale’s was voted best Sunday Brunch by City Search, was in the top five of the best places to visit in Donelson, and Julie recently was honored by the United States Military for the past nine years of giving any one in uniform a 25% discount.

Our Musicians

Ellendale’s features live music every night of the week, making it once again a truly unique dining experience.  Some of our talented musicans  include Tom Shinness, John McAndrew, Mark Sorrell,  Zach Forbes, Delores Hershey and Lori Hall. We also have other talented musicians that fill in when needed.  Read More About our musicans Here on on our bio Page  Musician’s Bios

Our Gardens