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Our Musicians

Tom Shinness

Tom has resided for 15 years in Nashville TN where he is an in demand session player. He is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, bass, cello, mandolin, keyboards, and percussion. He has studied and played just about every style of music on the planet. He also borrows playing techniques from one instrument and uses them on another, such as playing the cello like a guitar, and playing the guitar like a drum.  In 1989 Tom released his first of 6 instrumental CD’s “Something Inseparable”, which draws from many different styles into a sound all his own.

He is especially passionate about unusual instruments from around the world, taking the listener to places they’ve never been before. One of these instruments is a rare 16-string harp guitar built by Gibson in 1913. Tom’s one man show is truly unique. With a stage full of instruments at hand, he will combine layers of acoustic sounds through the process of electronic looping, taking the listener on sonic excursions that most have never imagined. Living in Nashville, the songwriter capital of the world, has proven to sharpen Tom’s skills as a songwriter. This has led to great demand as a vocalist. Tom’s music has been used in national commercials, and on National Public Television and Radio.

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Zachary Forbes

Zachary is a 26 year old whose passion is playing music. He has been playing piano for over 5 years, and began singing about 2 years ago. Soon after he started playing piano he fell in love with jazz music from the American Songbook. He is always inspired by the great crooners: Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, and post-modern great Harry Connik Jr. as well as Jamie Cullum and others.

Although he came from a rich background of musical talent, he began his journey in music only just before his 21st birthday. Prior, Zachary was a semi-proffessional motocross racer, but a series of major injuries led him to rethink his career path. Tinkering on an old grand piano one day, picking out famous melodies from his childhood turned into a sudden desire to seriously play the piano. His grandfather was a pianist and always dreamed that Zachary would one day learn to play. It wasn’t until just before his passing that Zachary’s desire to play music was fully realized. Since then he has emerged as bright young talent and his passion will no doubt carry him to the top. Zachary’s style blends the old standards with some of his own original pieces, and is no doubt a crowd favorite.

Delores Hershey

Delores Hershey grew up on a farm in a Michigan family that had just left an Amish community to embrace conservative Christianity. She began playing piano at 5 and violin at 7, and she and her family spent several years singing on weekends at area churches. Her father, who, she says, “was still in the Amish frame of mind,” frowned on secular music, except for occasional old-school country of the Patsy Cline/George Jones variety, which he had embraced since the days when he would sneak off to listen to it as a boy. It was music Hershey would come to embrace whole-heartedly. As a teen, she sang country and pop in talent shows and gospel in the school chapel.

After graduating with a double major in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy, she sang lead and played keyboards for a local band whose repertoire included Shania Twain, Patsy Cline, the Eagles and pop standards like “Misty,” and fronted two other club bands with set lists that stretched from Skynyrd to Celine Dion. Those gigs, she says, “reaffirmed my love for all kinds of music, but in the end I came back to country, which is my roots.” Growing up on a farm and with parents who love country music, Delores notes, “I really didn’t stand a chance to not play and sing country music.”

Delores is currently performing every week by playing the piano and singing at local venues in Nashville.

“I don’t ever quit,” she says, “because my drive comes straight out of my love for music and for performing. I’m here to stay.”

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